Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cicely Plus Model New Stuff

My recent designed comp card:

Conceptual photo shoot - Me channeling the goddess Persephone

January Thus Far...

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You guys already know I try to stay busy and needless to say I generally succeed lol!

What's going on with me?

Trip to NYC for a plus model casting and a photo shoot is in store for this weekend. It's also a mini pre-25th birthday celebration. I have some new modeling work that I will post here separately and I'm THIS close to being signed to an agency here in Cincinnati (yaaaay-yaaaayeeee *Ice Cube voice*). Because they don't do exclusively plus like agencies in mega cities like I'm used to, the process is pretty different.Not in a bad way at all, but I REALLY feel it in my bones that this company is the right fit for me and that with them I will actually be getting work (bridal shows, commercials, hopefully some print etc) and I will be well on my way to plus model stardom...or well at least a career as a working model :).

WLJ - I'm still on it. Holding fast at my current weight and REALLY taking a look at my eating habits. Trying to and eventually will push all bread and yeast out of my diet. I'm about 98% sure it is the cause of my adult acne and bloating I feel periodically (non -period related). We'll see. I'm going to start with one week of grain/flour/wheat free and then continue with 2 weeks, 3 weeks and finally a month. At that point I should be able to keep going ;). I'm OWNING a dress size 18 by the end of May. I'm not settling!!! And I'm going to be in that 16 by the time Liam is 4 years old if NOT sooner!

School is back session and I'm taking Pilates (which is NO joke. I'm gonna have abs of steel by the time this class is over), Physiology (again - no I didn't fail but my grade WAS sub par) and Stats. I am certainly projecting As & Bs this semester (Hell NOT like I have a choice) and deadlines for applying to Nursing school are coming up as well!

I'm still taking my CNA class which I REALLY need to get a move on and finish up. My goal is to be done by the end of February. I'm hoping to be able to knock some work out during my travels to NYC!

Liam is great. He is back in daycare and thriving once again. I'm happy I made that decision (a post on that at a later date). I am still trying to arrange for him to attend the local public preschool here so that he can get the speech help he needs at NO COST (we are on all the waiting lists I know of in 2 counties) and I can finally get my handsome and intelligent boy on the straight and narrow lol.

Otherwise, life is great. I am humble, appreciative and just living and trying to do right. I hope all has been and is well with you guys!

Until again,


Friday, January 4, 2013

Road to Nursing School 2013 and Beyond

I have been reevaluating my school choices one more time...I REALLY wanted to go to Columbia in NYC and do their ETP program. I even started the process and had my reqs all lined up. I was checking out dates for the GRE and well I was ready. biggest issue was I had not saved enough $ and I KNEW I was not prepared to be in the city with Liam by myself once again. Now, after this semester (Physiology + Stats), I will only need Chemistry and an optional Physiology lab and I will be able to again apply for Columbia as well as NYU for 2014 school year.

The biggest issue is that if I stay here at EKU I will be granted an Associate degree in Nursing by Spring 2015. That means it will take me about 20 months to get a 2 yr degree that I already have about half the credits for (b/c I have to take the classes in sequence and can only take the classes Fall/Spring and no Winter or Summer). If I get into NYU or Columbia I will finish actually around the SAME time with a BSN and right on track for my MSN (esp. in Columbia's program). I will of course incur more debt...

I really feel like I need to make this happen. I don't think Columbia is the end all be all of Nursing schools, but I do know that being there can get me to where I want to be...but at what price?

I am still applying to EKU's Nursing program and hope to get in for Fall 2013 and take the basic Nursing one, get CPR certified and be able to finish the Fall strong...I think this will make my application for Columbia even stronger, but I am worried about transferring Nursing schools. It doesn't happen too often and is generally not advised.

Then, there comes the issue of the HRSA scholarship I'm applying for...if I get the scholarship and begin at EKU...what is the likelihood of me being able to transfer the scholarship to Columbia or NYU? Will the apply funds for BSN/MSN? If not, how am I going to navigate this? I NEED that scholarship. *sigh* There is just so much at stake. I know that I want to be an NP by age 30. That is my goal. I'd like to have my DNP by 35ish.

I'm going to have to do a lot of praying and meditating over this matter. I know that if it's meant to be it WILL work out and I will have to adjust my life accordingly. I will meet opposition from my family, have support from my friends, but I know I have to make this happen for me and Liam, by any means necessary.

Weigh in...what would u do in the same situation? If I stay I have family support, cost of living is cheaper, but it will take at least another 2 years longer to finish all the schooling I want to do. If I leave in 2014, I will have the time to save $, I have contact/ties in NYC to help me get on my feet, I will be going to an amazing teaching/research school and have a multitude more of opportunities, but as we all know NYC living is hard.
 I'm willing to hear opinions, criticisms and/or words of encouragement. Sometimes I need another POV to make me look at the situation as a whole and not just from my "my way or the highway" mentality.