Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall - 3rd Year Blogversary

I'm sooo terrible with blogging these days and for that I apologize. I seem to have the lack of "ganas" (desire) to do so and when I have coveted extra time, I usually doing homework, spending time with Liam or simply trying to gain some extra sleep. This month marks my 3rd year as a blogger! I can't believe the evolutions both this blog and my life have had since 2010. I am overall in a much better place and am raising a child who will soon be 4 years old!!! Where does time go?

I wrapped up an amazing shoot with Photography and Design by Lauren 3 weeks ago in August and you can see the newest additions to my modeling portfolio here: Cicely Carter Official Modeling Page or here Cicely Plus Model Facebook . I'm so proud of my work and how my portfolio has grown.

Liam is doing well in preschool and speech therapy. We are having him tested for Autism and honestly what I care about is that we get a diagnosis and can get him the help he needs to continue the thrive and excel in school and life.

Dating - y'all already know that story! lol

School - I applied for the Nursing program at EKU and am awaiting that response. I am applying to one other school and hoping and praying that I get in somewhere for the Spring semester for clinicals.

Work - I'm still at the hospital doing registration PRN and picking up all the hours I can. I have applied for numerous Nurse Aide/Tech positions specifically for overnights so that I can work 3 12 hour days and spend more time with Liam. Jesus be a FT overnight position with benefits so I can finally gain some financial stability in my life.

So sorry for the delay, but I'm back and trying to get back to regular and meaningful blog programming :).

Until again,

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cicely Plus Model - August 2013 Preview Pics

Check these out from my photo shoot August 31. Shot by the oh so talented Lauren Morris of Photography and Design by Lauren.