Friday, June 29, 2012

Copy-Kids eat fruits & vegetables DVD Review/Giveaway

When I was asked to review Copy-Kids with Liam I was absolutely thrilled!! There couldn't have been a more perfect fit and better time in both our lives. As you guys know I'm still on my weight loss journey and of course along with my healthier eating comes the conscious effort and choice to feed Liam better and higher quality food. Since he began eating solids, Liam has almost loved everything and I do mean everything food related.

Now that he is in the midst of toddlerhood, I worry a little more about his tendency to stick to the same foods. My concern is less about getting him to eat fruits and veggies than about getting him to try new ones. Enter Copy-Kids. This DVD is built on the premise that #1 kids need to eat healthier and we as parents need to make better food choices for our kids and ourselves, #2 through seeing other children eat healthy and delicious foods, our kids will want to partake as well.

Due to my crazy schedule, Liam and I watched this video over the course of a couple of nights. The video is broken down into twelve segments of about 6-8 minutes each featuring some of the cutest kids chowing down on vegetables and sometimes talking while doing so :). I let Liam pick out first what he wanted to watch. He (of course) was most excited to see his favorites: bananas, strawberries, apples and avocado. 

I was excited to get him watching and thinking about the other foods, so then we watched the segments on the rest of the fruits and veggies the next night. I had seen other reviews and of course visited the Copy-Kids site myself and the #1 comment that kept showing up is how kids want to partake in the same fruits and veggies as the kids almost immediately after. So true for Liam! I had to go buy avocado, carrots, peppers and blueberries for him to try. I normally keep bananas and strawberries stocked. I am overjoyed with Liam's new found interest in a wider variety of healthy choices. :) 

Overall, I totally recommend this video. You'll get to enjoy watching your child explore new foods, grocery shopping may even become a fun outing instead of a hassle(at least for me lol) and if you're on a mission to a healthier lifestyle like us, then Copy-Kids will help to get you one step closer in that direction. 

Check out Copy-Kids on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @CopyKids

Now for the giveaway. Copy-Kids is giving away a FREE copy of the DVD. Entry is simple. Leave one comment below about how this video can benefit you and your little one(s) and I'll choose an entry via This contest closes on Friday, July 6 @ 11:59 PM. Winner will be announced via this blog and/or my social media pages on Facebook/Twitter. Good luck! :) 

*DISCLAIMER* -  I was given one copy of the DVD by Copy-Kids and asked to review. All opinions and observations stated are my own (and/or those of Liam). Copy-Kids will also be providing me with one copy for use as a giveaway prize.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Style/Estilo - June 2012

I've been having much more fun w/ clothes lately. This is a look at some of my work and gym outfits this month :) 

                                              Asos Curve skirt and Danskin now turq v-neck

                                       playsuit from Fashion to Figure clearance 2011 (size 2x). Just tried this on to check the fit of it. Hasn't made its debut outside yet lol 

                    new dresses from Target's Xhilaration + line. Size 2

                                                       close up of black; turq belt Lane Bryant, black shoes Samanta shoe

                                                         close of up stripes. Wedges and belt Talbot's outlet

basic white v-neck from Walmart,Lane Bryant stirrup leggings

Black active v-neck tee from Danskin Now, skinny jeans with streth Forever 21 +

not a good view of this shirt but a short waisted red polyester shirt with pleats down the front

on my MUA swag lol black Danskin now active tee, print skirt from Forever 21 +

rando blue shirt from Marshall's, pleated high waisted skirt from rando clothing store in Harlem circa 2010! lol 

color block shirt from Marshall's, black stirrup leggings from Lane Bryant

All Danskin Now active wear: hoodie, neon yellow racerback tank and black slim fit capris

Sunday, June 24, 2012

La Quince

Yesterday Liam and I went to a Quinceanera of a close family friend (my family have known this family for about 11-12 years now) and they are the best kind of people! :) My little Alejandra (or Alex as she goes by now) is finally a woman! :) :'). I feel like a proud older sister. Most of the kids in the family I have know since they were Liam's age or younger and they are now all school age, most middle and a few in high school. One of them even has a baby of her own now and will be starting college, majoring in Nursing, this Fall. I'm so very proud of all my kids :).

Liam danced up a storm last night haha! Now you all know that I love my latin music and of course put all sorts of music in rotation at home, but since this was mi familia mexicana...pues, we had to do it in traditional Cumbia, Zapateado and Durangese style with some sprinklings of reggaeton. And Cumbia is my 1st love of all Latin music. It's the salsa of Mexico & Central America. :) Liam's fast azz even approached some older girls to dance (like ages 15-17). I'm all the way over him right now! :)

Here's some pics of the night of fun we had! Now one thing y'all should  know if you don't -when people of color (aNY COLOR) party...we PARTAY! Liquor, music and mad dancing lol :) That's a good time in my book. *excuse the quality of these pics*


 the start of the festejando lol

 me trying to get a good pic and Liam trying to check out the dancing

 floor filling up :)

 La reina del party - Alex

 caught him off guard while we were seated cenando

Friday, June 22, 2012

Looking Up, Out & Ahead

After the amazingly shitastic week I had last week,the tides have certainly changed. Once I snapped out of moping and really put some things into perspective, my mood and my week headed for the better. I have been trying to do something new every morning. My goal is to, upon waking, thank God for five things in my life. It can be anything, but I just have to do it.

This morning:

1) that I'm alive
2) Liam's sleeping, healthym happy body next to mine
3) that I have come so far in this weight loss journey
4) that mom and dad are ok
5) that I had enough money to pay bills this week and buy myself and Liam something extra

So let's recap the good this week:
1) got asked to do a DVD review for my blog for the company Copy-Kids. REALLY excited about this because I am totally behind the company's mission which is to get kids eating healthier by copying other kids eat their fruits and veggies. Since I'm on my lifestyle change, I'm all about this!

2) Got a little OT at work

3) am in the process of FINALLY reaching a settlement agreement with the Other (Liam's sperm donor). I'm hoping and praying for this to work out. That would mean no trial and much less money I'd have to spend.

4) Good grades

5) had some amazing workouts!

6) bought some much needed new and cute clothes (i'll do a style post)

7) got to bond with some of the kids at my library job

8) felt damn good about myself

9) got to spend some extra QT with Liam :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What a Week!

I have had one HELL of a week. It was the type of week you question everything you do and question whether doing the "right" thing is really even worth it anymore! I tried to start the week of lighthearted and optimistic,but that's when things started to go south REAL quick. I got the newest temporary child support order in the mail stating that Liam's father now only has to pay $50 a month! That equates to $12.50/week. I was so annoyed that really all I could do was laugh. It's unbelievable for someone who allegedly has 2 jobs!? But anyways I told some friends and we laughed it off.

The 2nd round of news came when my lawyers in the custody case told me that even though the firm still has a $475 balance from my retainer ($2,000) that they would need another $2,000 to continue on with my case! Wtf? I'm pretty sure they won't use the rest of that $2,000 as we are going to trial at the end of August and then it will be over. So I have emailed them asking if I can just do a payment of $1,000 and the next installment at a later date...waiting to hear back from them...

The third and final thing that was the tipping point for me was when the car I drive (Dad's old car) went nuts on me on the highway omw to class and we later found out it will be around 1,000 to fix it!I laughed, I cried, I laughed again and I cried some more. I just couldn't believe how bad my luck had been.

I'm not sure how religious you all are out there or what you believe in, but I try to pray regularly and do believe in God. Oddly enough the night before, I had prayed to God for a miracle b/c I had no clue how I was going to pay the next $ to the lawyer and still do the things I needed to (pay bills, buy new clothes/shoes for Liam, maybe even buy myself something nice). The very next day, not even 12 hours later was when the car debacle happened. I'm not even sure what that means! I take things like that as God trying to tell me something, but honestly I don't know what or why or how I'm supposed to receive that message. It left me more confused than ever.

The light at the end of the tunnel of this bleak string of events was me applying on a whim to the Beauty Sales Exec position in NYC. Honestly, I didn't think anything would come out of it. I was pretty sure that the job might have been filled already b/c it was posted in May...but alas, the NEXT day, I received an email back from their HR office asking to conduct a Skype interview with me that same day! I was thrilled and really couldn't believe it. It's actually the type of job I always wanted in retail. To work for one company and represent them, train associates, improve brand awareness and move up in the ranks. In that aspect it is a perfect fit for me. The only downside I can see right now are the traveling aspects. My territory would be NY,NJ and Florida. So that would mean flying out to Florida maybe once a month and the rest of the time driving to my stores in the tri state area. Who would watch Liam? Now that I'd be based in NYC...where would we live? I know I have friends willing to help, but what about school for him? I know that Nursing school would be put on hold for a little bit, but I'm ok with that. I still have about 5 years before my prereqs become obsolete and this would give me a chance to do work I love and have greater financial stability...

Who knows? If I move on to the next phase of interviews, they will contact me next week..we'll see.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mama's Back in the Dating Game!!!

Oh yes honey you read that right! This Mama is back in the dating game. I have decided life is entirely too short, I'm entirely too awesome and hell I deserve to be treated. So starting around August...I am going to begin a free loving affair with MYSELF! :) Feels good to say it.

I don't spend nearly enough time on the maintenance of moi and it's loooong overdue. I'm currently in the midst of my own self-imposed hot mama body challenge and when I lost these next 20-30 lbs you ALL are gonna know about it!

I'm going ALL out! Through the help of Groupon for some beauty discounts and pulling together my other resources. I'm going to get my hair did (long hair dont care), mani/pedi, bikini wax, new dress, have my makeup done and then I'm going to take myself on a date!!! Yes I'm gonna go to the nicest restaurant in Lexington, KY and get a couple of cocktails and LIVE!!!

Songs of my Hot Mama Body soundtrack (these are the songs that will be playing in the background when I walk down the street 30 lbs slimmer, with waist length hair in a new dress and heels with my shellac mani/pedi lmmfao)

"Make Me Proud" - Drake ft. Nicki Minaj
"Fancy" - Drake
"Feelin' So Good" - J.lo
"Bon, Bon" - Pitbull
"La Negra Tiene Tumbao" - Celia Cruz
"Dale Caliente" - Daddy Yankee
"Feedback" - Janet Jackson


Friday, June 8, 2012

June Thus Far...

Sometimes I'm so busy I really don't know if I'm coming or going lol. This was one of those weeks. I have been all over the place. Training for freelance jobs, prepping for summer at the library,homework, class, Liam...hell there were a couple of days I even forgot to eat for most of the day.

I just wanted to take this time out to update you guys on my life! I finished my Isagenix Isabody Challenge! From January 5-June 7 I lost 25 lbs (total 46 overall) and rediscovered myself in the process. I am on a new path in life and I'm not turning back. With the challenge I am competing to win a cruise, a lot of other great prizes and the grand prize of $25,000. Honestly, even if I win nothing it was worth the experience to do it! I committed to something and I saw it through. I kicked ass through personal problems, a busy single mom life, school and everything else. I made it! :)

I have found the PERFECT fit for Liam for preschool and hope to start him Aug 1! I finally got to go for a classroom visit today with Liam and I'm in love with the place. The way they do things really aligns with how I would like for things to be with him in the classroom.

I lost another lb. As mentioned above I am now -46lbs, and only 8 lbs from the 1/2 way point. In case I didn't tell you guys my ultimate goal is to lose 108 lbs! That's a person! lol But I'm almost 1/2 way there. Wow!

I am a contributing writer for a new online women's mag called Rachael Magazine. Please subscribe, check out my article on budget makeup and the other great articles. I'm excited to be apart of the magazine. and of course the magazine is based out of NYC (cool connection - the editor/owner is a Kentucky girl too! How cool is that?) So go check it out:

I am probably going to regret this...but I had cocktails and coffee with a recent old interest (lol) when I was in NYC.Ok yea so random combo #dontjudgeme. Anyways, I feel very comfortable with him. Conversation is natural, I feel giddy around him and it's almost impossible not to smile.I like him.  But I digress. In his case, he has loose strings in his life to tie up and I am giving him the space to do that. I don't call him much or text him everyday, but I do think about him often. Today a  funny situation arose and he was one of the 1st ppl I thought of to send a text message. In his response to my text,  he mentioned that he was visiting family some 3,000 miles away and had just walked by a window ad with a plus size model in it and a few seconds later my text came...I know that I'm probably reading more into it than is there. But there is a spark between us (not love necessarily), but something between us just clicks. I don't know if he feels it too,but I think he does. Seriously a mash-up of Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody" & Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" plays in the background lmmfao.  I'm NOT acting on it. Again, he has a situation to deal with and I have to focus on Nursing school,Liam and the rest of my life. So life must go on as planned. Something tells me that if/when I move back to NYC I'm gonna be in some major trouble though...smh lol

Otherwise I'm surviving and thriving! :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

"A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step"

title quote by Lao Tzu.

Someway, somehow this weekend I got a wild hair and decided that I am running one of the most popular 5Ks in Lexington: A Midsummer Night's Race on August 11, 2012...Umm wow! I am sooo excited and soooo nervous ALREADY lol.

I know that this type of challenge is necessary in my weight loss journey and for my life.I have had some experience in overcoming obstacles (especially those unforseen ones). This race would come at a great time symbolically and practically in my life. Symbolically, it will be right around the time last year that I began my weight loss journey. Practically, it's a couple of weeks before school starts and I can corral my family and friends to come out and support me.  Now, I am setting myself up purposely for a huge challenge. Mentally I am ready, physically it will take ALL of the next 2 months to get there.The training begins this week.

I have Google'd "running a 5k for beginners", "running a 5k for fat girls" and a plethora of other queries. I have found some great info and very positive encouragement. There is still a part of me that thinks I'm nuts.This is my inner fat girl. She's screaming out #girlbye lol. But this is something I truly feel compelled to do.

My goals for this race are simple: 1) to RUN the whole time 2) to finish 3) to survive it lol. I don't care about placing, I sure as hell am not trying to win the thing. I want to do it for me, for Liam, for everyone that reads this blog, for my friends, for anyone on a weight loss journey, for my future clients when I become a nurse personal trainer/health & wellness  nurse.

When this year began I said I wanted it to be different than last year. I made my dream board. I kept vlogging about my weight loss journey to be held accountable, even when I gained weight. I told myself and envisioned this year as different and better than ever before. I said I'd give love (well at least dating) another try.  I wanted to be fearless, determined, dedicated, finally make some dreams come true. I am doing it! Struggling and slipping sometimes along the way, but I am doing it. Since January 1 (not counting Aug-Dec 2011), I have lost close to 30 lbs. I started doing my prereqs for Nursing school knowing that this is the path I was meant to take. I started working on being a better mom and being more present in Liam's life. This is a great feeling. I can't wait to look back on this post, my future 5k and see how far I have come.

There is a quote that has been especially inspirational to me as of late: "We must let go of the life we had planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us" - Joseph Campbell.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cicely WLJ Life Updates

Liam & Cicely Rock Out - We are Wotless!! hahahaha

Mama the Model: Self-Portrait Series

Yes guys I was bored as all hell. During a break from my homework I had to do something...So I blow dried my hair, put it in a bun, beat my face and gave some face for y'all. Ok and excuse the background "noise" (my fat back in the mirror, the shit on my dresser and my disorderly room lmfao) Here ya go ! lol

Friday, June 1, 2012

From #GirlBye to #GirlHi !

lmmfao from Not to Hot :) I needed some inspiration and a snap back into reality. Here it was. Tomorrow and beyond? Back on my grind! HARD!

Primer Review - Sue Devitt Beauty

my sample size

size of actual bottle

 lighting is atrocious! But my face is healthy and glowing at 7:30 am lol. This was the primer, mac concealer under eyes and Vera Moore pressed powder on the face

Now that I am freelancing for Sue Devitt Beauty, I of course have had the opportunity to personally try some of her products! I'm in love with her primer! I used to swear off the Smashbox Photofinish Light Primer,but Sue  Devitt's Microquatic Fortifying Primer has made me changes my ways. 

#1 it goes on smooth and gives your skin a nice/natural glow

#2 my makeup literally stays on all day! I do believe that it would work better if I worke liquid instead of only powder, but I'll still take it

#3 it has no silicone so it DOESNT sit on my skin, but absorbs into it (hence the nice glow)

#4 the fortifying ingredients including soy proteins help to regulate control sebum (when your face is an oil slick like mine, this is oh so important)

#5 the price is not unreasonable, at $40 I would be able to get about 4-5 months use out of it b/c I dont wear makeup every day.

#6 Hell if nothing else, stop by an Impulse Beauty location at Macy's and ask me (in Lexington) or another associate for a sample of the primer.It's certainly worth trying.