Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year That Lies Ahead...

Impossible is a word that has never been in my vocabulary. I don't believe there is any such thing. What limits us is our minds! Even if I can't always accomplish things in the literal sense, we live in a world where literal meaning is just one aspect of a bigger picture. I look back on this year and although I didn't get done a lot of what I though I would, I did accomplish some major things that have changed the direction of where my life was headed previously.

Let's review where I was the exact same time 365 days ago:

Take from post Adios 2011 :

"1) getting this company on it's feet and geared towards success. I want to take LIAM Artistry serious and I want others to as well

2) Saving money - alotting a specific amount per pay check - say $40/month?

3) investing money - a set amount per month (say $20) to start

4) continuing to invest in myself: health and education. I will continue on my path for ultimate health and I want to continue to grow as a person, woman, mother mentally.

5) figure out a way to become a licensed esthetician before the end of the year (ended up discovering a couple months later I actually wanted to be a Nurse/Nurse Practitioner) 

6) work on being more patient with Liam and trying not to get burned out

7) move out of my parents house (again lol)

8) formulate and execute a concrete plan to leave KY and go to where ever else Liam and I are headed in our lives (again!) 

9) continue to pursue a career in plus size modeling (more shoots, model development as much as I can) 

10) be debt free (with the exception of student loans) "

Looking back I accomplished 60% of my goals from last year! I think that's great! :) I'm proud of myself. I hope you all did something this year to make yourselves proud. All the people I know REALLY put in work this year and I think that is amazing! I will be working on my vision board tonight as me and Liam bring in our new year pretty low key. 

2013 for me:

1) save and invest $ (myself and Liam)
2) get HRSA scholarship
3) maintain 3.0 + GPA
4) finish CNA course and get hired at a hospital
5) continue to shoot, work on branding myself and be published as a plus size model and be agency-signed in a national publication (website, comp cards and new business cards)
6) continue to work on being a great Mom and nurturing Liam academically, mentally, physically and spiritually. Continue to grow as a Mom 
7) lose these last 50-ish lb - Size 16 here I come!!!
8) get certified as and work as a group fitness trainer
9) get accepted into and finally begin Nursing program/clinicals
10) take time to smell the flowers
11) walk in fashion shows
12) go out and socialize more
13) decorate my apartment to my taste
14) contemplate and seriously consider a move out of KY (if I feel it is the right fit for me and Liam)
15) inspire, encourage, ignite the fire in others
16) be a better friend
17) be a better Me! 
18) continue to decide if home school is the right decision for me and Liam
19)  develop this blog (make it official with new design and revamp...finally! lol) 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Liam and I wish a happy, amazing and loving Christmas to you and yours! Will do a post a little later about some of the Xmas goodies we got :)
He would NOT stop playing with this damn box! lol That was his face when he saw nothing was in there !!! :p

Sweet face!

He makes me so happy

He was trying to run away! lol

He was saying something to me :)

I like this one

Until again,

Sunday, December 9, 2012

End of Semester

Hey guys!

I'm tired as hell lol. That has been the story of my life lately. It looks like I will be ending the semester with 2 Bs and a grade that is NOT a B! I'm waaaay too embarrassed to even share that grade with you guys, but just know that I will be taking Physiology over in the Spring and I WILL get a B in it.

I know where I am falling short: simply not having enough time to study. But what can you do? I worked my entire way through my B.A. and it looks like I will have to work my way through my ADN/BSN/MSN as well. It's not working I mind so much, it's getting up in the middle of the night, making time for Liam and making time to do what I need/have and rarely want to do. I'm always tired and seem to always be running around like a crazy person.

The only thing that motivates me is that there is a very bright light at the end of this winding tunnel. I will be a Nurse Practitioner! A licensed medical professional with the capability to help, heal and treat people. I am claiming that by my 30th birthday in 2018 I will be an NP or at least in my last semester of an MSN program. I'm saving my DNP - Doctorate of Nursing Practice (currently the terminal degree in Nursing practice) for around age 35/36. I know I will be a good Nurse :).

In other news, Liam and I are going to get some holiday pictures done and you know I will post them! His face just brings me so much joy. That's a feeling I hope never changes. I want to be able to look at him in 20 years,40 years and 60 years and still feel this same warmth and joy and pride.

16 days 'til Xmas...saay whaaaat? Can't believe this year is really coming to a close. I need to get back on my weight loss journey hardcore. This semester derailed me a bit, but I'm ready to be on it. I want to lose 40 lb between now and June. I'd like to have the final 30-40 lb gone by this time next year.

Hope all you guys have been well! :) Look for a YT video coming soon.

Until again.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mama's 2013 Goals

photo credit: Sarah Kranz

One month from today will be January 1, 2013. The start of a new year and the beginning of great things for Liam and I. I can feel it in my bones. Things will be amazing, life changing and confirming will happen for me in the year 2013. For now here is a small compilation of personal, family and other goals that I have (not in order and I'm sure I will add more):

1) Walk in FFFWeek 2013 in NYC
2) Get ACE certified as a group fitness instructor
3) Lose these last 50-60 lb  (size 16 here I come) 
4) get my CNA certification 
5) get signed by an agency
6) work on Liam's speech by integrating speech exercises at home
7) decorate our apartment! 
8) get the HRSA scholarship for Nursing
9) begin making larger payments on student loans
10) make sure to schedule time to do things with Liam EVERY week
11) shoot every 2 months
12) update my shoe collection (which is slim)
13) get Liam fully potty trained
14) fix and solidify Liam's nighttime routine
15) save $
16) learn to be conversational in a 3rd language
17) learn to do more with my natural hair
18) finally learn to sew - begin working on some designs (for myself)
19) get into and finally begin the clinical phase of Nursing degree (Fall 2013)
20) complete and keep my goal of working out 5 days/week (beginning in January)
21) get Liam involved in some sort of physical activity
22) travel a little (other than to NYC lol)
23) find a new church home
24) get more regular about posting YT videos
25) begin working as a CNA
26) Walk in Tropical Divas fashion show
27) walk in Curves Rock Fash Weekend
28) be shot for Eddy and Bri website
29) have no Cs in the Spring semester