Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last day of 23: My Year in Review

Wow! Another year has passed and tomorrow I will be 24 years old. Where the hell is time going?! lol I don't feel old, but mostly I feel unaccomplished. So in an effort to make myself feel better lol I'm going to go over the good points of the past year:

At 23,  I:

1) Quit a job I despised and finally found a meaningful one (library)
2) Paid off rent I owed at my former apartment
3) filed for custody and child support for Liam
4) met Diane who became my personal trainer and friend :)
5) made a move that I sometimes still regret but that I know was the best move for me and my family (Liam)
6) got hired to Freelance for 2 different companies
7) started L.I.A.M. Artistry, LLC as a REAL business :)
8) reconnected with some old friends
9) finished paying of a credit card
10) finally got some stability in Liam's life
11) Seriously started on a weight loss journey and lost 30 lbs
12) began to take my blog seriously :)
13) even tough we argue, have a better relationship with mom and dad
14) improved my makeup skills
15) FINALLY discovered a career path that would allow me to combine the things I LOVE to do with my passion for helping people while at the same time allowing me flexibility, time with Liam and a life while making pretty good pay - hoping to start school again in a few months
16) opened up my mind to SERIOUSLY dating again because I discovered what I am truly looking for in a MAN; someone who is in it for the long haul
17) embraced my natural hair and REALLY started taking care of it!
18) fell in love with the kids at my job :)
19) got over the hatred I was holding inside for Liam's "dad"
20) started to take more control over my life
21) entered in a modeling competition
22) had a photoshoot after a 2 year hiatus
23) grew up a little more

Can't wait to see what 24 holds! :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

...Rearing Its Ugly Head Again

It's so funny how today I read a post from the blog "Single Mama NYC" about your past creeping into your future. I have felt in that type of mode for a few days now. Up until this week, I had a REALLY good momentum going and then all of a sudden I am starting to sabotage my efforts. I don't know why really...I sometimes seem to do that when things are going good. But no matter how great my mood, energy and weight loss is going, I still can't hide from the facts:

I have credit card debt (chipping away at it slowly)
I have student loan debt (chipping away at it slowly too)
I have to spend $ I don't have to travel to NYC 2x this Spring
I still have about 70 lbs to lose
My newest business venture hasn't brought me any money in thus far
I NEED a full time job (the library I love but I can't do 20 hrs a week and pay all the things I have to nor do anything extra. Plus the freelance work is so few and far between I can't rely on that money to help)
Child support didn't come this week and may not come again for a while

So I feel like in a lot of ways, I am back to square one. Square -1 actually...I don't know what to do. I honestly cannot think of a solution this time. I have been scouring job listing and can't find anything that is a good fit! I need some help, divine help at this point because nothing in my human capacity is working. I don't know what to do...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sneak Peak of Today's Shoot

Lighting is terrible in this pic but check the makeup :)  We did 2 different makeup looks and 2 outfit changes! :) More/edited pics to come

Friday, January 20, 2012

News Break: Violent sex crimes by U.S. Army soldiers rise: report


As a person who totally supports our troops and knows people and is related to people in all branches of the military, this makes me sad. In general, I don't think we (as a country) do enough for our American troops. We send them to war on multiple tours and they come back and often have inadequate resources to adapt to living a civilian life. I would like to see the Department of Defense's strategic plan for dealing with these issues. These troops (mostly male) are in dire need of mental health/behavorial counseling.

What can we do as a country to help these men and women? What would you do in this situation?

TGIF! :)

Hey guys,
just wanted to update you on some things going on! I have a pretty packed weekend planned.

Today's agenda:
*gym time for an hour
*pick up last accessories for photoshoot
*do my 1st makeup tutorial vid (or at least attempt)
*buy some balloons for my event with DuWop Cosmetics this Saturday @ Dillard's
*help mom to rebraid Liam's hair (she braids not me lol, I wrangle)

*weigh-in ( I think I might have made my Feb 1 goal already! #pow)
*1 on 1 Preschool Screening with Liam 9:30-10am
*work DuWop Cosmetics event 12-6pm at Dillard's Edge beauty counter
*try to make WLJ week 23 vid
*wash.blow dry and straighten hair (doing a very simple, elegant bun for the shoot)

*photoshoot with Alicia C. @ 3:30 in Richmond
*do YT vid if not done previously (wlj week 23)
* do Isagenix update vid (#2)

Yep, that's it! :) there goes my weekend. But I am glad that I will be getting things done.

I can NOT stop thinking about this photoshoot! :) These are picks I will be using for the submissions to FFF Week runway, FFF Week Face of & also for the Dorothy Combs/Plus Model Mag search deadline January 31!!! I feeling excited just to know about the opportunities and in many ways, I am claiming 2012 as my year. The year I get in the shape of my life and MAINTAIN, the year I take my career as a plus model seriously and the year that I step up my game as a makeup artist. The most important improvement I want to make this year is being the best MOM I can be. Liam means more to me than life itself. I need to make this happen for us.

It's more than pretty pictures and the spotlight for me. I love art, I love creativity. I love that their is an outlet I can express myself and I don't have to look like what most of society claims is beautiful. I want to stand for those akward girls who just grew into their beauty and who finally realize that even with all the flaws and things you'd like to change, being YOU is great! :)

I feel so empowered guys! I truly thank God for the blessings. Moments like this you couldn't appreciate if you hadn't reached lows in your life. Forthcoming is the next custody hearing on Monday. I am praying all goes well with that, but I am not going to stress about it.

Until next time,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Plus Model Fever - The Makings of Cicely Plus Model

The time is upon us! :) January-April is always a hot time for the plus size modeling scene. This month I am submitting for the Dorothy Combs Agency/Plus Model Mag model search - deadline Jan 31

February will be my prep and practice for FFF Week 2012 runway model submission - deadline February 24

March - will be my time to shine when I submit for the Face of FFF Week 2012 competition. Deadline March 2

I could not be more ecstatic with all these opportunities fast approaching. I have one thing to say "I betta WORK"! lol I have got to get my runway walk tight! I am just glad to have these opportunities to get my self out there, to be exposed in a good way and possibly participate in the biggest events in America's plus size industry. My face could be on posters/websites/ad campaigns...WOW!

So i will link all my submissions to this blog of course and get some feed back from you guys. All my FFF Week stuff requires YT vids as well. You guys know I have no problems there!

Here's a toast to working hard towards being a successful plus size model *CHEERS*

Monday, January 16, 2012

My Dream/Vision Board

So I decided to share this with you guys. It has come at a great point. Today is MLK, Jr. day, I recently started my journey with Isagenix and I got hired for a new job. I think all this dream/positive thinking and new beginning is a perfect fit for making this board.  So here she is and cheers to making my dreams and your dreams come true in 2012 and beyond.

Have you ever made one? Did it help you realize your goals?  What did you like about it? Have you made more than one? Let me know your take on it. :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Contest #2 10lb Birthday Challenge Contest Rules

AGAIN WITH THIS 3 SIMPLE RULES STUFF :) Contest ENDS February 1, 2012 @ 11:59pm

1) Have to Like my Facebook page www.facebook.com/TheSingleMomtrepeneur

2) Subscribe to my youtube channel MissCicelyCarter

3) post a comment to any blog entry I've ever done

Like Makeup contest, I will announce the winner via YT and by making a blog post! Winner will be chosen at random. I will mail the prize to you, so it will be your responsibility to get in contact with me within 7 days after announcement! :) Good luck! You can enter in both, but can't be the winner in both! :)

Contest #1: Birthday Makeup Giveaway Official Rules

Finally, I stopped being lazy and I'm posting the rules for you guys! Contest ENDS 11:59pm February 1, 2012. Winner to be announced Feb 2, 2012


1) Have to Like my Facebook page L.I.A.M. Artistry, LLC

2) Subscribe to my youtube channel MissCicelyCarter

3) post a comment to any January 2012 blog entry

That's it! 3 simple things! :) I will announce the winner via YT and by making a blog post! Winner will be chosen at random. I will mail the prize to you, so it will be your responsibility to get in contact with me within 7 days after announcement! :) Good luck! And thank you so much for letting me share my life with you guys! It's an honor that people actual read this lol

Week 21 WLJ

Check it out, check it out, check it out, check it out! lol *Nicki Minaj voice* lol

Friday, January 13, 2012

"Girl Look At That Body...I Work Out"

So today's topic in the ever so prevalent field of fitness...BODS. More specifically body image.

Check out this provocative spread from Plus Model Mag : http://lifestyle.aol.co.uk/2012/01/12/plus-size-magazine-says-most-fashion-models-have-anorexic-bmi/

I really thought all my body image problems went away when I became pregnant with Liam. I was hot. Literally because I was pregnant the entire summer of 2009 and 'cuz I was feeling myself. My skin was glowing. I lost about 25 lbs. I wore dresses. I liked the way my new pregnant bod fit in clothes. It was one of the most empowering times for me. I loved it.

Fast forward Spring 2010, I had gained back the weight I'd lost while pregnant and then some! Imagine my horror. I was not so happy with my bod anymore and I was stressed! Back in class full time and working all the time and it was not a good mental or physical state for me to be in.

Then 2011, I tipped the scales at the highest weight of my life and I had to take action!!! I've lost 23 lbs since August 28, 2011 and I'm still not happy with my body.

Let me count the ways:

1) I hate that I have stretch marks (they cant go away, just be reduced in size and color), so ok I can live with that.
2) Cellulite is gross and so not cute lol (they have creams for that though which actually do work)
3) My love handles & general flab accumulation in my waist area. I have lost about 6 inches in the waist and STILL can't rock with this area of my body.
4) my thighs they have always been something I disliked. From girlhood they have always been a prominent feature

*sigh* but really what can be done? I hit the gym 3-4 times a week, work w/ a trainer 2 times a week & started the Isagenix program. I am doing all in my power so for now my flaws will stay.

So what about you guys? What is an area/areas you would like to change? What makes you self conscious? Spill the beans lol ;-)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

And her name is Freddi but bka Christi to me! :)


This is a link to one of the most amazing people I know and luckily...she's also my friend and someone I've known for 20 years! Jeez! She hasn't changed one bit and she is making such huge waves and moves in comedic writing! I am so proud of her. She is truly talented and I'm glad I can call her my friend.

We lost touch for a few years and reunited back in the greatest city in the U.S. - NYC of course and since then, it was like nothing changed. Please follow her many social websites and learn more about the sensation that is my boo Freddi Scheib!

Follow her: @Freddischeib, @MCWebseries, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Friends...How Many of Us Have Them?

I often think about some of the friends I used to have here in Kentucky. These are the people I spent the majority of my formative years with and people I thought I would know and be friends with forever. Yet, in reality, I've lost touch with more than a couple of them. Moving to NYC wasn't so much the deal breaker as it was the different directions we were moving in life. I'm sure none of my friends thought I would be the one knocked up out of our "crowd", well hell neither did I. But for a couple of them, things between us really changed.

Take friend O for instance. When she heard the news I was pregnant, I immediately began to feel some air of disapproval and discontent coming from her. Slowly, but surely our phone calls became fewer to infrequent to nonexistent. She even at one point asked if I was dropping out of school becuase I was pregnant. That really pissed me off. So around that time almost 2.5 years ago, I decided that she was no longer a fit for me and my life and I cut off all communication with her. Deleted her from FB (heard her reaction through other friends- of course she didn't know why) and deleted her phone number. It's not so much I wanted her out of my life as I realized I no longer had a place in hers.

Then the biggest shock of all came to me with former friend J. We had been friends since we were 9/10 years old and I expected us to grow old together. We had great memories together and I loved her family. For her, I'm pretty sure me having a baby didn't bother her. She even showed up to the baby shower we had in July 2009. My split from her came in Spring 2010. It just seemed like I would text and receive no response and when i would call, I'd leave a message or 2 and NEVER get a response back. I understand we are busy and I also understand that we all have lives, but even when I can't do it as much as I want to, I STILL call and see about my friends. I think that situation hurt my feelings more than anything really...I thought that after we had been through so much that she would like being Aunt J and that we could continue to build our friendship...Hmmm guess not...

Now that I live back in Kentucky, I sometimes dread seeing her. I know it's something that is very possible and I honestly don't know what I'd say to her. Would we sit down and talk about what happened to our friendship or would it be super akward?!

What's your take? Have you ever lost friends at important times during your life? Ever had to remove people from your life? How did it feel and what was the situation?

Until next time,

Weight Loss/Health Week 20 - 5 months

True Love

Friday, January 6, 2012


Finally! The moment you have all been waiting for. In the month of February I am going to run 2 contests! One will be a smaller contest, makeup oriented. The other will be fitness oriented. With the makeup I will be giving away some AWESOME goodies! By next month, a lot of brands will have their Spring lines out & I want all my faithful readers to get in on the trends ;-).

The second challenge will be bigger and requiring dedication on your part. I will be doing a 60 day fitness challenge. I say fitness because it is not about just weight loss. I want to encourage all of my friends, readers and anyone I can to take care of themselves and to start it now!

Here are the basic requirements for entry into both contests:
1) must subscribe to my blog and yes, I will check lol
2) Like my page on Facebook - www.facebook.com/thesinglemomtrepeneur
3) leave at least 1 comment each on both blog and FB page in response to a post or status.

Again these are the very basics and things you can start to do now. Please stay tuned for the official rules and start/end dates. :-)

Until next time,

Steps Toward Better Health

Hey guys!
Here are some of the things that are new in my fitness life:

I am now 1 week into the YMCA Get FIT Club. I am doing M,W 11:30-12:30. I am getting a great workout and am still doing 2-3 days on my own.
Isagenix Isabody Challenge- I joined Isagenix as an associate. My main purpose is to cleanse my body of toxins and get nutritionally better. I will be doing their 30 day system every month for about 6 months. The Isabody challenge is a 24 week get fit challenge consisting of b4/after pics, pictures of me in action and an essay on how losing weight/using Isagenix has changed my life. I am going to do a youtube vid on that so that will detail everything. My goal during these next 23 weeks is to lose 50 lbs. I'm pretty sure I can do it and I can't wait because once this contest is over and I'm closer to my goal weight...I begin to submit to agencies!!! :)

come check out the products http://cicelycarter.isagenix.com/

I joined a weight loss network online Sparkpeople.com - was able to figure out my caloric intake daily and how many cals I should burn/week! I think this will be very helpful b/c I have reached a mini plateau!

Surgery? Also in addition to all the above, I have submitted my information to Georgetown Hospital bariatric clinic. Again, I don't know if Realize band is something I will go through with, but I would like to see my options. I am not trying to get below 200 lbs really. I think a good weight for me is anywhere between 220-240. I know my body, my body type and I know what different weight looks better on me. More importantly if I'm active and healthy at 220, does it really matter? Once I reach goal, I will be about maintenance...I'm looking into surgery as a lifelong tool to help me MAINTAIN the weight loss which is what I've truly struggled with in the past.

So let me know your thoughts, opinions and of course leave some comments! How are your Get Fit goals coming along? :)

Until next time,

Monday, January 2, 2012

Poetry Pause

Dreams' Worst Nightmare

I feel it welling up inside,
ready to brew over and expose itself.
I stifle it and swallow my pride,
unsure of life's path ahead.

Sometimes they appear so close I can reach out and touch them,
I envision them approaching and get lost thinking about their possbilities
then all of a sudden, the prospects seem dim
I start to choke and tears of anger, sorrow fill my eyes.

I don't want them to slip away!
No, not like this!
My mind becomes blank and I lose the words to say
My dreams just died, dimmed and now there's nothing left.

sole intellectual propety and original concept of Cicely N. Carter (written January 2, 2012)

Sunday, January 1, 2012


We finally made it here. I will be 24 in 31 days (let the bday countdown begin) and still have much to accomplish!

I keep seeing on twitter, this is the year to believe and dammit I'm committing to believing AND achieving by any means necessary!