Saturday, December 28, 2013

Last days of 2013

Hey guys! 

It has been a couple of weeks and some interesting things have happened. John and I had our first major disagreement and didn't really talk for a couple of days, but we sorted it out and now things are better than ever. He is truly a great man and he really makes me feel warm and fuzzy. He is genuine, loving, caring and intelligent. He puts my comfort and feelings in front of his own and he is selfless. 

In other great news...I have been hired by MAC Cosmetics as a freelancer! I wish it had been PT Artist position, but if this is what's in the cards for now, I will surely take it. I feel so humble and so blessed to even have the opportunity. I have left the hospital behind and will now be focusing on freelancing, this blog, developing my makeup biz, modeling and passing my first semester of nursing school. No small order, but something I'm ready for. 

My WLJ will resume starting Monday and I am just looking forward to get back in better shape and FINALLY reaching my goal weight. I see so many good things happening starting now and continuing into 2014 and beyond. I am so blessed to have my health, my son and my family, amazing friends and a great man by my side! If I don't get a chance to write again, Happy New Year's!!!!

Until again,

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