Friday, September 4, 2015

2015 & Everything in Between

I can't even begin to sum up the past 9 months that have passed since I blogged. There is way too much for one post. I will say that I am in a better place (mentally) than I was last year. Through reading personal development type books, honing in on my spirituality, learning more about Autism and getting more help for Liam, writing in a journal again and learning more about myself and the things I desire...I am a better woman, mom and person.

Liam just started Kindergarten 3 weeks ago and is loving it so far. The BIG 6 is coming up in about a month! I am still amazed at how he is growing my leaps and bounds. He's 4ft tall now.

I'm obviously still grappling with some things, but I am finding my way. I won't say I'm 100% happy, but I am finding my way and that to me makes all the difference. I pinky promise this won't be my last blog post of the year. <3

- Cicely

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